Hi, we’re Scimax Digital.

An innovative collective of like-minded folks making useful and enduring technology products. We believe
that individual talent can only take you so far in our industry. While personal excellence is highly valued at Scimax Digital,
so is a deep commitment to collaboration – both internally and externally with your team.


Who We Work With.

Individuals & Influencers

Our process starts with working from a clear idea of exactly who you’re trying to influence, and take the extra step to find key opinion and thought leaders whom your audience already looks to as sources of meaningful information.

Start Ups

We’re all about helping startups take an idea, and make it a business reality. We are there from the start, from consulting on name selection to business structure, logo and branding, all the way through web design and development.

Small to Medium Businesses

Partnering alongside businesses that are already set in motion to create fresh vision and new sales through strategy, brand design, graphic and web design, and website development.

Large and Enterprise Companies

As seasoned experts – we bring fresh perspective to the table to help accelerate an already stable and growing company, while shedding light on areas that could be improved to produce a better experience or output.

What Moves Us.

Whether you’re building a welcome mat for your SaaS or just increasing your reach with your business,
Scimax Digital has your needs covered.

Commitment To Excellence.

“Good enough” is never good enough for us. Every member of our team is here because of a passion to be the best at what we do.

Driven By Innovation.

Scimax Digital is always on the lookout for technological advancements that streamline our work, and ensure top-quality for our partners.

Part of Your Team.

Our team is your team. Whether you have been building products for years, or new to the industry, we are teammates on your path to success.

Our Process.

Starting far before the beginning, and long after the end,
we ensure our clients receive the most from the services Scimax Digital provides.

Planning & Strategy.

It all begins with your idea. Following best practices, we help you gain insight into the people, the market and the growth you need to have a successful product.

Market research
Brand and identity planning
Idea validation
Defining MVP

Design & UX.

Stunning, intuitive design is essential to your product’s functionality and brand story. The design team’s diverse expertise will guide the innovative choices that will make sure your brand is communicated effectively and delights users.

Mobile app design
Website and web app design
Smart TVs
Internet of Things
Product scope
User experience reviews
Brand and identity for startups
Digital product design
Motion design


We create scalable, high-performance mobile apps for iOS, Android and Web using the latest techniques and tools. Our developers are forward-thinking specialists who will integrate seamlessly into your project and deliver outstanding native experiences.

iOS development
Android development
Web development
Backend development
React Native

Testing & Quality Assurance.

With a dedicated in-house QA department executes thorough and complex testing processes depending on the scope of your project. The goal is to make sure that every line of code, pixel on the screen and interaction with your app is perfect.

Product exploration
Functionality testing
Performance testing
Accessibility testing
Usability testing
Localization testing
Security testing
Claims testing
User testing

Marketing & Distribution.

Product development is only half the battle. Through multiple tools, plans and strategies, our marketing team makes sure your app is embraced by your target market right from the get-go.

Search engine optimization
App store optimization
PR campaigns
Social media campaigns